Naming Advice

Advice for naming your domain, product or business

  • Do not assume that the name you have been thinking of is going to be one you will finally use. Relinquish your bias and let the process begin.

  • Brainstorm with others interested in the success of the name. This should be a session in which everyone is free to express ideas, suggest words and phrases,  and build on each other's contributions. One ground  rule is that nothing is criticized. Everything is seen as contributing and potentially answering the problem. From this point on retain copies of all your work. You may want to return to them.

  • Limit your list to a few words that seem most promising. Be sure to include the word or words that persons looking up your business, product, or service in a directory would look for. Add to the list promising related words from a thesaurus, trade publications, telephone directories, or other relevant sources.  Limit the list again to the few that you feel are most promising.